About us

From humble beginnings in 2019, when we launched the first design of our flagship leggings, Alpine Nation has quickly grown into a popular adventure outfitter, trusted by young women who love to wear apparel that is comfortable and stylish in equal measure.


While the iconic leggings remain a mainstay in our company’s lineup, we constantly keep our ears open to the wants and needs of the Alpine Nation community and design and manufacture new pieces of gear that outdoorsy women desire.  

Coming in all shapes and sizes, our testers conquer mountaintops in Slovenia, climb via ferratas in Italy, hit the trails in Switzerland and - yes, catch up with friends for after-work burger and beer to see how the gear works for your everyday, around-town use. So far, so awesome! 

We strive to create products that are not an annoyance but a joy to wear: durable leggings that compress in all the right places and matching moisture-wicking sports bras; technical fleeces that are both lightweight and warm, perfect for early morning hikes or sundowners. Our minds are always racing with ideas on which route to take next.

True, we may be creating just products, but to Sandra Šuc, CEO and founder, Alpine Nation is much more:

"As much as I love Alpine Nation clothing for our uncompromised commitment to quality,  I’m even more excited to observe something far more important - the feel good effect that our products cause! When we feel comfy and appealing in our sports clothes, it gives us the confidence and strength to embark on even more adventures. Ain’t no mountain high enough for the Alpine Nation community!"